InternetNZ to restructure, recruit new CEO


The organisation responsible for administering the .nz domain name, InternetNZ, is undergoing a major restructure, and is recruiting for a new Chief Executive.

The restructure will reduce the number of existing entities from three to two. This will mean that the New Zealand Registry Service (NZRS) will be disestablished and become part of the InternetNZ, which is currently responsible for policy and advocacy. Meanwhile the third entity, the Domain Name Commission (DNC), will remain separate, however its responsibility for .nz policy will also shift to InternetNZ.

The CEO positions for InternetNZ, DNC and NZRS will be disestablished, and a new role has been created to head the beefed-up InternetNZ. There will continue to be a Domain Name Commissioner but this role will not be a CEO position. In addition, there are proposed changes to the governance of InternetNZ with the number of elected Councillors to be reduced from 12 to nine, and a separate .nz Policy Committee to be established that would oversee issues such as the .nz registration fee and other commercial matters.

According to its 2016/17 Annual Report, InternetNZ collected around $10m in registry fees. Operating costs included $3.4m for Registry Services and $1.6m Domain Name Commission, with other expenses such as $816,734 on Internet issues, $522,552 on Governance and members, and $755,706 on Community funding.

InternetNZ president Jamie Baddeley says the restructure is the result of an extensive organisational review that began in December 2016 and involved staff and stakeholders.

“All in all, I see this change as an opportunity for us to thrive, as a team and individually, and go further and faster in delivering the work the organisation stands for. There is much to be done, and we are lucky to have such a professional and skilled group of people working for us in doing it – and such a committed and diverse group of members, partners and stakeholders to work with,” he writes in a blog post.

The new CEO is expected to be recruited by Christmas, with the restructure complete by the end of this financial year in March 2018.


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