Vodafone subscribers to get new Sky deals – soon

When SkyTV cut the price of its entry-level product to $24.91, many of those who subscribe via their Vodafone account, were left wondering if they would also benefit. The telco quickly released a statement on the same day clarifying that it will reflect SkyTV’s new pricing plans – just not yet.

When asked why Vodafone couldn’t provide the same deals at the same time as SkyTV, spokesperson Elissa Downey cited the process involved in enabling the new price points. “We run our services through large customer billing systems that have to be updated to implement this type of change. This work is underway and will be completed shortly.”

Why wasn’t Vodafone ready to go when SkyTV changed its pricing? It may be because because SkyTV is a listed company and is required to announce to the NZX first. That was the point made by Vodafone, when asked if they were surprised by the announcement.

“It’s important to say that SkyTV is its own company that makes choices about its business independently of us, or any of its other commercial partners. SkyTV also have important disclosure obligations to the market.”

“We can say SkyTV met all its contractual obligations with us regarding notification of potential price change, and we honoured various confidentiality clauses as part of that – so to suggest we were caught by surprise is a bit cheeky!”

Vodafone is sticking with its relationship with SkyTV, as the pressure to create compelling content bundles increases. Rival telco Spark announced on Tuesday it would be continue to offer customers with unlimited broadband plans a free Netflix subscription for some duration of the plan’s term.  

Research for this article was undertaken as part of a segment for the Nine to Noon New Technology segment on Thursday 8 March, which you can download here.


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